Service Queuing

Is a solution that allows local governments to organize, engage and measure services.  Reduce excessive queuing while improving your citizen’s satisfaction ratings. The solutions decreases wait times, improves service efficiency, and organizes your waiting lines by providing visitors with an easy ordering method based on ‘’first in first out’’ system.

Is a major breakthrough in multimedia queuing management system. The system is designed not only as a tool to solve queue congestion. The system allows for faster organization of queuing and customer service with its non-linear system. It uses SMS and email to notify citizens when they are registered and when they are about to be served plus they can also see their place in the queue online.


Can also be used to keep track of all services delivered by local governments regarding citizen visits. Measure productivity and the total effort spent on the citizen. Include citizen in person interactions as part of the overall service journey. With Respond you can provide online citizen satisfaction surveys as part of you quality and operation measures.


With a Service Queuing solution organizations can decrease constituents wait times, improve service efficiency and analyze operations.


A Service Queuing Management solution does not have to be complex or expensive to establish and operate. To better understand if our queue management solution is right for you call us at

(512) 347.9399

Key Features

Organize lines and services in different windows and offices for citizens

Citizens receive instant notifications via text messages and emails  

Get operational performance insights on wait time and service delivery with statistics using reports and dashboards 

Make better use of your constituent’s time by removing the need to wait on local government offices

Intuitive queue status display for service lines 

Flexible management allows queue item transfers and daily rollover

Key Benefits of OneView SQ

Reduce investment costs, availability and security with cloud services 

Intuitive queue status display for waiting rooms

Organize lines and services in different windows for citizens

Reduce constituents wait and service

Improve citizen experience and satisfaction 

Measures KPIs and drive operational efficiency

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