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OneView offers is a civic engagement solutions that provides a centralized way to connect with your citizens. This web-based solution is configured according to the requirements of local governments and takes advantage of predefined and configurable process workflows that have been built thru years of experience with government agencies, counties, municipalities and public corporations.



OneView’s low monthly fee includes customer support, system maintenance and continuous enhancements. In addition, it provides a familiar and easy-to-use interface based on tools and technologies which most people are accustomed to using.


Citizen Services Management

Citizen Services Management focuses on helping local governments deliver effective, efficient and agile business process services and enhanced customer experiences that are enabled by cutting edge IT and software to support health care access, public service performance management, among others.

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311 Call Center System

311 is an easy-to-remember telephone number that connects citizens with your government representatives to assist them in managing service requests and prove a centralized view of all services offered by the government. 

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Inspections, Licensing and Permits

OneView Permits, Licensing and Inspection modules focus on the process required to apply and grant a permit, certificate, license or contract. These modules allow the local governments to have greater visibility of the permitting and licensing processes, by monitoring the status of the application and report when it is approved. Once the process is complete an email will be delivered with the final license or permit.

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Service Queuing 

Decrease customer wait times, improve your service efficiency, and increase your revenues with OneView Service Queuing. The solution allows local governments to organize, engage and measure waiting services while reducing excessive queuing while improving your customer satisfaction ratings. 

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