Permitting and Licensing

OneView Permits, Licensing, and Inspection focuses on the process required to apply and grant a permit, certificate, license or contract. This solution allows local governments to have greater visibility of the permitting and licensing processes, by monitoring the status of the application and report when it is approved. Once the process is complete an email will be delivered with the final license or permit.

With OneView Permits, Licensing and Inspections, once the initial evaluation phase has ended, it allows managing the inspection process using the Inspections Mobile Application. This app allows the inspectors to visualize the facilities where they need to carry out the inspection, perform the inspection and then continue with the permitting or licensing process.


With a Permits, Licensing and Inspections system, local governments will have an automated way to deliver permits in person and online. It will also give inspectors the ability to perform inspections on their mobile devices even when offline.

Key Features

 Citizens can apply for permits

or licenses online or in person

Print the approved permits or

licenses directly from the portal

and receive them via email

Citizens can upload documents

and attach material to the request

Generate invoices and receive

payments online

GIS provides location data

of the request, like parcel

and geographical data

Manage the inspection process using

the Inspections Mobile Application

Key Benefits of OneView Permitting and Licensing

Mobility for inspectors to perform their job outside the office

Unify facilities and citizens records 

Promote user efficiency and do more with less employees

Facilitate issuing permits

Secure management application processes

Complete visibility of processes being done

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