OneLink Citizens Services App

The OneLink  mobile app lets citizens browse information about services delivered by their local government and also lets them submit service requests, complaints or suggestions from their mobile device. The app can be customized to include your branding including logo and colors.


It uses GPS to locate the issue or service requests location and uses the camera in the device to upload visual images of the request. Citizens can track the status of their requests to follow up. The Mobile app also allows for local government workers to submit their own requests as they see issues on the field and they can also create request on behalf of citizens.

OneLink App - Connecting citizens with local governments


OneView Mobile Field Worker

Employees on the field can review, update and complete their service tasks using a mobile application. They can create and work cases while offline, then synchronize with the main system when they are connected.

Using GIS technology you can track and find the best route to the service location.

OneView Inspections App 

Extend the Field Worker functionality with the OneView Inspections App. Inspectors now can manage all inspection processes using the OneView Inspections App on a Windows tablet. This application allows the inspectors to visualize the facilities where they need to carry out the inspection, perform the inspection and then continue with the permitting or licensing process.

The OneView Inspections App has the ability to complete a series of requirements configured by the type of request, enabling automation and application management through phases such as:


  • Requests online and in person

  • Gathering documents

  • Filling out applications online

  • Filing fees

  • Evaluations

  • Inspections

  • Approvals of requirements, documentation and evaluations

  • Delivery of permits and licenses

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