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OneView Case Collections Management (CCM) is a system designed to assist local governments in the process of increasing collections by reducing fraud, tax evasion and debt follow up. It offers software that analyzes information from different sources to identify possible tax evasion and fraud scenarios in combination with AR debt. OneView CCM imports and evaluates information from local financial systems and compares it with data from other sources like forecasts, permitting, fines, rentals, sales volume and the state tax collections among others. The OneView CCM processing algorithm creates a lists of findings to be investigated. It can create collection management cases regarding these findings, plus any other debts the business or citizens may have. OneView CCM provides a full profile of debts and findings for a specific business or citizen. 

The Case Management System allows you to go thru the investigation and collection processes. With OneView CCM you can create appointments, record inspections, provide follow ups, refer cases, assign tasks, and close cases once the process is completed. When the system identifies all findings are resolved and debts are collected it can automatically close cases and provide the proper notification and insight. OneView CCM reports let you analyze potential income regarding tax evasion and debt.


Governments can take advantage in accurate identification of potential tax evaders, simplified management of debt collection and programmed to analyze collections.

Key Features

Fraud and Tax Evasion Identification Engine that recognizes fraud or tax evasion patterns

Analytical Engine that provides efficient timely reporting

Case Management System to track collections, tax evasion or fraud investigations

Mobile inspections application to keep track of on-site visits and investigations

Key Benefits of OneView CCM

Increase control and collections

Mobile accessible 

Easy to use and user friendly

Versatility in software adjustments as required by changes in law

Effortless generation of reports and balance sheets

Easy and fast implementation

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