Citizen Services Management


Enhancing the quality and access to citizen services is a top priority for local governments. RESPOND  is a civic engagement platform developed to engage with their citizens through efficient management of service requests and complaints. It streamlines the processes related to the request and provision of government services. In addition, RESPOND  allows the users to review and assign tasks to a corresponding department manually or automatically using Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) to monitor and measure performance across all departments.

RESPOND  focuses on helping local governments execute effective, efficient and agile service operations while providing an enhanced customer experience enabled by cutting edge IT and software.




Citizen services management is a growing effort at all levels of government to respond quickly, succinctly and accurately to citizen requests or inquiries for answers to questions and general information about policies, practices, and procedures. 

Key Features

Provide efficient services to its citizens with the creation of custom lists to identify the services offered

Send and receive internal and external notifications at all stages of a case

Increase transparency  by allowing citizens to view current issues and the status of actions taken

Centralized system which facilitates the shared information across departments

Assign service requests to the department or employee responsible to facilitate the follow-up process

Citizens can confirm appointments and acceptance to events online

Key Benefits of RESPOND  Citizens Services Management


Empower citizens to easily

report issues or problems

Eliminate chaotic handling of requests 

Streamline operations into a consistent service process

Drive a more pro-active response to problems

Cost-effective approach that leverage existing cloud services

Easy and fast implementation

Measure citizen services efforts via reports and dashboard

Allows to select preferred laguage

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