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The OneView Civic Engagement platform has a Citizen Relationship Management (CRM) system built for government contact centers such as a 311. OneView will allow citizens to submit claims, complaints, provide suggestions and make inquiries related to local government services and responsibilities through an omni-channel CRM journey that includes a self-service web site, a mobile app, social media, email and chat. Contact Center employees will have the ability to automate the process of case management through easy to configure workflows and department users will have a simple interface to manage requests using an internet browser, via email or using a mobile device application.


A robust, yet simple to use Knowledge Base will allow a one stop shop approach to collaborate on Knowledge Base articles and allow to share those articles on the web, via mobile App or via email with citizens. For contact centers OneView provides integration to phone systems that allows customer identification, effective call tracking, service history and faster more effective response times thru predetermined scripts and  integrated knowledge base articles.

OneView also offers components that allow direct citizen engagement such as a self-service web portal and personalized mobile apps to review local government service information, request services or submit complaints.


OneView  uses a BI solution that can provide statistics and analytics on service delivery plus lets you monitor operational performance. Oneview BI can show reports of all cases in a systematic, accurate and transparent manner.


It’s a Citizen Service Center; it receives complaints, requests, ideas and suggestions from the Citizens. It can serve as a hub to provide services at local or central government level. It can also provide information regarding local government services and events.

311 centers do not have to be complex or expensive to establish and operate. To better understand if a 311 Center is right for you call us at (512) 347.9399

Key Features

 Flexible architecture and easy to modify

Citizens have 24/7 access to your services

Receive citizen requests via phone, email, web, and even a mobile app

Centralized system which facilitates the shared information across departments

Service request can be created and distributed to the relevant business units

Transparent system that allows citizens to obtain attention

Key Benefits of OneView 311 Contact Center

Improve response time to your citizens’ complaints

Facilitate citizens the process of reporting requests and issues

Integrates with other IT systems in your organization

Save costs on proprietary, on premise call center systems

Easy and fast implementation

Gain valuable insights into your call center’s activity

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